Hello Everyone-

My first day of opening my spa doors will be May 26th! My online booking site is active again and open for appointments.

Please know that Kristin and I will continue to take our disinfecting and sanitation methods very seriously to protect our guests and ourselves, and will be taking extra precautions. I will be wearing a mask, and if you choose to wear one as well you're free to do so. I have a few boxes of disposable masks in hand, but do NOT have enough for everyone. So, if you choose to wear one and have your own that would be greatly appreciated. 

There will be a sanitation table set up as you enter the building, please utilize this. We will be leaving our spa door open to avoid touching the knob. Recently, we worked very hard to remodel our waiting area and expand it to accommodate social distancing. I will have a brief waiver for each client to sign before beginning your service. We are fortunate to be a spa of only two, which makes social distancing and keeping low traffic that much easier.

We kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment if you:

*Tested positive for covid-19 or have been around someone who has in the past 14 days, or are currently awaiting test results

*Have symptoms of fever, dry cough, body aches, headaches, sore throat, shortness of breath or diarrhea

If you are in the high-risk category, immunocompromised, or over the age of 65 follow your instincts with scheduling at this time. Like I stated above, we will be doing everything we can to reopen our doors safely and consciously for everyone!

Being in the current state we are in, we realize that many may feel nervous to come back and return to a normal routine. Please understand that human touch (in a safe and clean environment) is extremely healing for your entire body, mind, and soul..and is needed now more than EVER! Human touch has been proven to improve your immune system function, calms cardiovascular stress, and aids in sleep...just to name a few!

Thank you ALL for your support during this unique time, and I am so eager to get back to business!