Stephanie Kintzler

-Licensed Massage Therapist-

-Licensed Esthetician-

-Certified Lash Stylist-

My mission is to provide quality, customized services to help you achieve your wellness goals and leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Whether it be pain management, pure relaxation, skincare or beauty- I strive to provide the very best.

Elleebana & Belmacil Training

Lash Lifting/Brow and Lash Tinting

Certified in 2019

I wanted to offer an alternative to lash extensions, with less maintenance and for those who already have decent lashes that don't need something as dramatic as extensions. 

Liquifan Eyelash Extension Training

Lash Stylist

Certified in 2013

Being able to provide a variety of services is what I enjoy. Eyelash extensions are a great way to improve someone's confidence in a very natural looking way. 

Gill-Tech Academy


Graduated in 2010

I have always had a drive for skin care and the beauty industry. I struggled with my own skin through my teen years and grew up around women who were great role models to me with taking the time for their skin. I try my very best to help each individual feel confident in their own skin.

Fox Valley School of Massage

Massage Therapy

Graduated in 2008

My first passion was Massage Therapy. I was drawn to massage therapy's holistic approach. I specialize in therapeutic/trigger point therapy, low back pain/sciatica, and head/neck tension/migraines. I am dedicated to help others live a pain free, balanced life!