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Elleebana One-Shot Lash Lift

Enhance and embrace your natural lashes and put down that lash curler!

What is it?

If you are already happy with the length of your natural lashes but really want to make them pop, lash lifting is for you! It's a semi-permanent technique that combines a lifting solution and silicone rods, for a safe comfortable way to lift and curl your natural lashes to make them appear longer and fuller. It lasts 6-8 weeks depending on your own individual lash growth cycle speed and home care. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions. It is formaldehyde-free and formulated with nourishing and conditioning ingredients to protect your lashes!


The first 24 hours after a lash lift are the most crucial as far as longevity and effectiveness:

*Avoid getting them wet

*Refrain from steam rooms/saunas and all heat

*If you wear contacts, glasses must be worn

*No working out (plan to workout beforehand)

*No eye makeup

After 24 hours you can go about your normal routine with no maintenance!

Add a tint to your service to add depth to your lashes. Ditch the mascara and cut even MORE time off your routine!

Lash Lift- $55

Lash Lift + Tint- $70